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house in sausalito, ca - remodel

this project was the second time around for me. the first time I was hired 4 yrs. ago, it was to eliminate the center wall between the living room and the kitchen, extend the kitchen counter and re-do the existing kitchen. this time around, it was to eliminate the existing window, add a gas fireplace with a window on either side of it, a mantle and a place for a tv over the mantle. the fireplace in this rendering/video clip is the exact model he purchased and it gives him an excellent idea of how it will look in his house. of course. all measurements are exact and to scale.

pool house in marin county, ca

i was approached by a landscape architect who drew the plans for a pool, a pool house and the landscaping around the property dedicated to these improvements. His client wanted to see what it would look like because she couldn't figure it out from the 2d black and white drawings how it would fit proportionate to the house, the appearance, etc. 

this is what she got to see and contracted him to complete the project. they both were very satisfied.

proposed dry cleaning plant in albuquerque, nm

the same concept holds true for anyone building, no matter whether it's a house, a remodel, a factory, etc. they want to know what will it 'really' look like, that's where i enter the picture. In the dry cleaning field, having owned the largest dry cleaners in florida, i have the knowledge and experience to not only layout the plant in a 2d architectural drawing, but also render it in 3D as you can see in the clip to the right.