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a dry cleaning drop store...

with brick and mortar retail locations being literally attacked by online sellers, dry cleaners who use various drop stores to allow customers to 'drop off' their clothes at convenient locations, are looking to add services that aren't available online. such as alterations, emergency cleaning, as well as other services such as wash and flood, and other laundry service, in addition to their standard dry cleaning.

a house on a hill...

this house in sausalito, ca sits on a very prestigious location, overlooking san francisco bay. opening up the interior allows the free flow of people as well as giving access to the great 180 degree view from mt. tam to alcatraz.

helping to design the changes in this house was a pure joy ...from an outside staircase running down to the third level below ...to railings along the front entrance deck ...to removing walls from the interior space. 

designing a central dry cleaning plant..

central dry cleaning plants are like a fine-tuned orchestra in a way, i.e. all pieces must coordinate seamlessly in order to produce quality work efficiently.

profitablitly insures quality so no short cuts are used to save money. efficiency allows profitability to happen, therefore, allowing quality to happen

in order for all this to happen the original layout and workflow design creates efficiency,

every mistake made in the design of the layout and workflow will cost the operation money every day for the remainder of the life of the plant