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Ed D'Elicio's Biography

Ed D'Elicio 3D CAD drawings, renderings, plans, remodels, floor plans, dry cleaning plant design in Marin County, California

Ed D'Elicio 

D'Elicio Designs

Dry Cleaning Plant design

Drycleaning plant design

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Ed started out as a New York City school teacher. He left teaching to become a partner in a retail and rental tuxedo operation of 2 stores that he helped develop into a 14 store chain of tuxedo shops in New York City and New Jersey. After selling his interest in the tuxedo business, Ed moved to Florida and bought a small dry cleaner in Jupiter, FL. He subsequently owned and operated a number of dry cleaning plants for the next 20 years, one being one of the largest dry cleaning plants in the State of Florida (14,000 sq ft) -- cover story of the October ’94 issue of the American Drycleaner magazine – ‘The Plant of the Future’. Beginning in the 1970’s, Ed was the first major route operator (5 routes) in Palm Beach County, primarily serving Palm Beach, Jupiter Island, Singer Island, West Palm Beach and Boca Raton. Ed has been a dry cleaning consultant for the past 25 years. 
As a consultant he has:
i.   Consulted to some of the largest independent dry cleaners in the US, Europe and Oceania. He traveled to China, Germany, and Italy to learn first-hand, equipment manufacturing. 
ii.  Led dry cleaners on tours of some of Europe's top fashion designers' manufacturing factories ...from Brioni, to Hugo Boss, Hermes, Loro Piana, and a number of others, not to mention the last operating silk mill in France
iii. Conducted a series of seminars across the US on various topics -- starting and developing routes, dry cleaning automation, financial analysis, computer integration, etc.
iv. Designed dry cleaning plants that have earned his clients 5 national awards 
v   Developed internal work-flow systems

vi. Operated cost/management groups
vii. Analyzed and developed financial systems that:
           a)  Analyze Profit and Loss statements (P&L). 
           b)  Set up templates for the Chart of Accounts 
           c)  Analyze labor expenses
viii. Valued businesses for sale, purchase, partnership buyouts, etc. He has valued over tens of millions of dollars worth of business over the past few years. He has assisted and/or negotiated sales and acquisitions of dry cleaners in addition to helping identify, evaluate and structure the sale or acquisitions of those businesses ranging from $700,000 to $20M
…since 2014, Ed spends most of his time designing home remodels in 3d, as well as preparing the building documents and submitting them to the building department. He also of course, designs dry cleaning plants in 3D with detailed plan view layout drawings for efficient workflow and use by ownership, contractors, installers, etc.

For most of the past 20 years, Ed would spend a month in France and a month in Italy each year. and has biked thousands of miles through Italy and France ...having followed the Tour de France on bike, one year. Covid-19 has put a dent in those travels for now.

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