Western Laundry - Moscow, Idaho

Spring - 2015   2000 sq ft 

A challenging project - fitting a full dry cleaning plant with a call office into a 1500 square foot space. It was fun, received the go-ahead from the City and now is in full production

Commercial Projects

The Berkeley Underground

Berkeley, CA 

Spring - 2014   - 10,000 sq ft

Designing Absolution Brewing Company in Torrance CA, was a blast

Absolution Brewing Co. Torrance, CA - Spring.2013    6000 sq ft

It was the first time we worked on a micro brewery - I always say 'we' because though I do the drafting and design, it is a total collaboration between the client, the contractor, the decorator and me

Tiffany Couture Cleaners

Las Vegas, NV  

Spring - 2014  6000 sq ft

The leading dry cleaner in Las Vegas, handles the work for almost all the shows, Cirque de Soleil, etc. Has the only fur vault in Vegas and is literally the 'cleaner to the stars'

Tower Cleaners - Calgary, Canada

Spring - 2010    16,000 sq ft

Award winning 16,000 square foot central plant in Calgary, Canada producing work for 30 stores along with fire restoration work from most of Alberta 

Carousel Cleaners - British Columbia, Canada

Summer - 2013    4,000 sq ft

Couture level dry cleaning - haute couture spealist

Lyons Cleaners - Memphis TN

Summer 2012    54,000 sq ft

Every year the American Dry Cleaner presents the 'Plant of the Year' award to the best dry cleaning plant designs. D'Elicio Designed plants have won that award 4x in the past 12 years.

Our Plant Designs have won 5 'Plant of the Year' awards in the last 12 years.

Easton Racquet Club

Easton CT - Summer 2013 - 6,000 sq ft

The Easton Racquet Club wanted a fresh interior look with more functionality. We moved the pro shop outside and proposed renovating the interior as well as adding an eating area inside and out

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